Lesson 4 – What Are You Doing in Hindi

Vocabulary list of some common verbs in Hindi are given below with transliteration for easy pronunciation. Hindi Verbs Word Hindi  हिन्दी to eat khana, kha खाना, खा to bite kaatna काटना to be hungry bhukh lagna भुख लगना to drink peena पीना to be thirsty pyas lagna प्यास लगना to sleep sona सोना to lie … Read more

Lesson 1 – Greetings And Introductions-How to greet a person in Hindi?

GREETINGS When you meet someone, you say, “Namasthe” or “Namaskaar”, with folded hands as a form of greeting in India. The following titles are used for people. Using “ji” is a respectful way of addressing a person, any person who may be a colleague,stranger,teacher, policeman,elder, family elders. Simply say,“Namasthe, ji!“with folded hands. It simply means … Read more

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