I am Esther Shamsunder and I live in Bangalore city(now Bengaluru), the capital of Karnataka.

Since 2007, I author a few other blogs of which Great Expectations is popular which primarily deals with using technology in education. I am also featured in the IED (International Edubloggers Directory). And was also recognized among the 27 inspiring women edubloggers in the world in 2009.

I have been teaching Hindi and Kannada Conversational skills to professionals and students, since 2001.

In 2009, I started the Kannada Fluenzy blog, http://www.learnkannadafluency.com/ that teaches Kannada conversational skills. This blog has been used as an example for teaching Languages by leading ICT educators in UK.

What started as a hobby to learn to start a blog, to learn to podcast, and to learn making online videos and posting them on my youtube channel, soon developed the Kannada Fluenzy blog into the No.1 online tutorial resource for Spoken Kannada.

My podcast channel : https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/e40sam

This Hindi Fluenzy website, http://www.learnhindifluency.com/, was set up as a result of many enquiries for the e-courses and skype sessions for learning spoken Hindi.

We aim to bring you to a level of fluency that is achieved through instilled confidence as one begins to learn Hindi. Vocabulary, phrases, sentence structure with correct ways of pronunciation, are taught along with examples of everyday conversation.

Learn Hindi in 10 Days—a fast track option [available both as an e-course with downloadable audio podcasts(mp3’s) and a 101 Skype Coaching Program]

Learn Hindi in 30 Days—a more elaborate program [available both as an e-course with downloadable audio podcasts(mp3’s) and a 101 Skype Coaching Program]

Spoken Hindi for Doctors is an Online Coaching Program exclusively designed for medical students and practitioners working in Indian hospitals. As a former dietitian myself, I will be able to tutor according to your need, particularly being able to interact with your patients, be it taking medical history, nutritional assessment or making your treatment understood.

Spoken Hindi for the NRI child, aims at preparing children who do not get to hear Hindi often to be able to speak confidently to be able to interact with their parents and grandparents.

I also publish regularly on hubpages.com. You can view my profile here.
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Having been a former dietitian in a hospital, I also maintain a nutrition and health blog, http://desiringhealth.blogspot.in/

I am also a published author on Amazon Kindle. http://www.amazon.in/Esther-Shamsunder/e/B00D75GM9S

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