Top 10 Tips To Learn Spoken Hindi Fast





Every person is unique, and language learning is an acquired skill.

  1. You must be willing to invest in yourself, and that also means you should have a strong desire to learn the new language.
  2. Setting aside a few minutes a day, anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes, to immerse yourself in learning activity, can produce effective and life long results.
  3. Learning a few words, phrases and sentences during each activity will not only help, but this consistent approach will also make you more confident in speaking. Being able to speak as you learn should be your goal for each session.
  4. Putting what you learnt, in real life situation, immediately afterward makes you confident and you begin to speak naturally, respond naturally to queries from others. You also learn to ask questions comfortably.
  5. It is seen that those who practice speaking in front of the mirror, do better. Simply because they get to see  and hear themselves.
  6. One can also record themselves as they practice speaking on PC, Laptop or mobile phone, and play it back to check and cross check.
  7. It is advisable to listen to audio of your lessons, pause and replay, to get your pronunciations perfect.
  8. Learning from a native speaker from the Indian sub-continent, sure will be worth it. Hindi tutors are available to work with you, 101, via Skype.
  9. Finding a good Indian friend to speak Hindi with, will be an added plus.
  10. Watch a Bollywood movie 5-10 minutes each day till you feel you can increase timing, and still be able to understand. Pick one with English sub-titles to help you. Youtube has many such movies to watch online.

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