Lesson 1 – Greetings And Introductions-How to greet a person in Hindi?


When you meet someone, you say, “Namasthe” or “Namaskaar”, with folded hands as a form of greeting in India.

The following titles are used for people.

Using “ji” is a respectful way of addressing a person, any person who may be a colleague,stranger,teacher, policeman,elder, family elders.

Simply say,“Namasthe, ji!“with folded hands. It simply means “I salute you”. Kind of like a handshake on being greeted, in other parts of the world.


Namasthe doctor saahab

namasthe shrimathi ji

namasthe shriman Arun

namasthe Modi ji

namasthe pradhaan manthri ji where pradhaan manthri is prime minister.


To introduce yourself, say,    ”mera naam Neena hai“.          It means,  ”My name is Neena”

To introduce your friend, say,            “yeh mera dhosth, Mohan hai”            ,which means,  “This is my friend Mohan”.


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