How To Effectively Learn Hindi Language Online & Fast

Learn to speak Hindi correctly pronouncing each word to convey the right meaning.

Top 10 Tips To Learn Spoken Hindi Fast

Spend a few minutes each day to correctly learn and speak colloquial hindi.

Lesson 5 – I,You,Me,He,She,They in Hindi

Know which pronoun to use while addressing a person respectfully.

Lesson 4 – What Are You Doing in Hindi

Use the right form of verb in every hindi sentence.

Lesson 3 – How To Ask Questions in Hindi

Being able to ask questions correctly and respectfully is learnt in this lesson.

Lesson 2 – How To Tell The Time In Hindi

Keeping track of time in Hindi is important while traveling in India. And to keep appointments and deadlines.

Lesson 1 – Greetings And Introductions-How to greet a person in Hindi?

It is customary to meet and greet Indian people with a namaste. Learn to introduce yourself in easy simple hindi sentences.

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