Spoken Hindi for Doctors Course – Skype Coaching

This is a Program specially designed with the doctor in mind. 

Spoken Hindi for Doctors was created at the request of several doctors who come to India to practice in our modern hospitals. Learning colloquial Hindi – everyday vocabulary, phrases and sentences, only just what you need, to interact with your patients, forms the basis for this Program. No wasting time in learning Hindi Grammar. Essential vocabulary such as parts of the body, fractures, surgeries, fitness, food habits, etc. are all covered. As a former dietitian myself, having worked at a city hospital, I will be able to teach you only what you need, required in interpersonal relations with your patients and hospital staff.

Upon successful completion,doctors who took this Program have seen significant improvement in their day to day interaction with their patients as well as while living in India.

Program Details :

Lessons Include:  Spoken Hindi for Beginners, Parts of Body, Diagnosis & Treatment, Patient Interactions

Bonus Lessons  : Medical Case Sheet-Taking Medical History, Taking Nutritional History.

If you prefer 101 sessions with me via Skype, email your Skype name and preferred time to esther@learnhindifluency.com for a 10 minute Free session. You can also call me at 9972268290 and schedule your class time. Please mention that you are opting for the Spoken Hindi Program for Doctors.

Fees for Online coaching via Skype(10 one hour sessions)

Rs. 7000/- for doctors in India.

 Payment Options:

If you reside within India and are an Indian citizen,

Step : 1  Make your payment via online bank transfer(NEFT)

Bank Details as follows:                 

Beneficiary’s Name : Esther Shamsunder

Beneficiary’s Branch Name : Dena Bank, RT Nagar, Bangalore

Beneficiary’s Bank Name : Dena Bank

Beneficiary’s Account Type : SB or Savings Account

Beneficiary’s Account No. : 101810001910

Beneficiary’s Branch IFSC : BKDN0611018

 Step 2 :  Email  your name, your email id, and the coaching program you have opted for to esther@learnhindifluency.com

We will send you a confirmatory email.  And a link to the Doctors’ Members Area where you can view your entire Course.

If you are a foreign national or if you are an Indian residing in a country other than India,  we will be happy to enrol you for this Program. Email esther@learnhindifluency.com for payment details.

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